Your planned surgical admission

Once you and your Doctor have agreed that there is a need for surgical treatment and you have decided to proceed with surgery, you should advise your surgeon. Due to the complex nature of the admission process, Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine will coordinate and arrange all of your admission details. Once your admission has been arranged you will be notified in writing of your admission details. Prior to your admission to hospital you will be contacted to verbally confirm all of your admission details.

Should you require any information or additional assistance throughout this time please do not hesitate to contact our office and ask to speak directly to your treating Doctor’s assistant.

Health fund coverage

It is important to note that not all procedures are covered by all health funds.  Please contact your health fund prior to surgery to ensure that your procedure is covered in your policy.

Estimate of medical fees

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine goes to great lengths to ensure our patients are informed of the associated surgical medical expenses. We encourage our patients to discuss these costs with a team member from Sunshine Coast Brain

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine before your procedure date to be sure you understand what you will be liable to pay. The estimate of fees will be provided to you prior to your elective surgery. Sometimes in an emergency and out of normal business hours it is not always possible to give an estimate of fees prior to surgery. This can be provided the next business day. Unless specified, the estimate refers only to the fees charged by this practice (including surgical assist fees). It does NOT cover services provided by other doctors, including radiologists, nuclear physicians and pathologists, nor other costs associated with your stay in the hospital (e.g. Accommodation, pharmacy, and physiotherapy). Please be aware that this is an estimate only and the actual costs may differ from the estimate due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the procedure. In this instance it may be necessary to arrange additional medical services which you will be held liable to pay.