Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment

Patients requiring surgical operations will be issued with an invoice once they have been discharged from hospital. Payment is required within an appropriate period of time and may be finalised in several ways. The outstanding account can be finalised without submitting the invoice to Medicare and the chosen Private Health Fund, however this will assist in alleviating the financial burden. Once you have submitted and received the appropriate rebates (this may take between 4 – 6 weeks) you will need to contribute ‘The Gap‘  payment in order to finalise the account.

Payment Within 30 Days

After receiving the appropriate rebates, patients have 30 days to finalise the entire outstanding amount. Options include Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Bankcard, Money Order or Bank Cheque either over the phone, mail or in person. Payment must be received within a 30-day period and no part payments will be accepted after this period.

Direct Debiting

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine is aware of, and sensitive to the financial burden that patients face after surgical procedures. To assist in alleviating financial strain we have a Direct Debiting system. The Direct Debiting system is operated by an independent company that deducts fortnightly payments over an agreed period of time.

Once a patient has received the appropriate rebates and has forwarded them onto Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine, ‘The Gap’ payment will be the amount payable, and a contractual agreement will be entered stating deduction dates, amounts and the length required to finalise the outstanding balance. The patient will be required to provide their bank details in order to proceed with the Direct Debiting payment method. More information is available on request.

This method of payment is absorbed over a period of time and is an affordable and easy method of repaying the outstanding amount.