Dr Janusz Bonkowski


Dr Bonkowski is a highly esteemed Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon and brings to Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine a wealth of expertise in disorders of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. Dr Bonkowski completed his medical training at the University of Adelaide in 1971. He then studied in London qualifying as a General Surgeon in 1975 before completing his Neurosurgery training.

Dr Bonkowski’s special interest is degenerative disorders of the spine and microsurgical techniques in the management of spinal pathology. He has lectured and published on the role of Anterior Foramenotomy in Cervical Disc Disease and on Skull Base Surgery, Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics, Endocrine Disturbances in SAH and Medical Ethics.

Dr Bonkowski joins Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine from private practice in Christchurch, New Zealand where he practiced for 19 years. Unfortunately the damaging earthquakes of 2010 resulted in the devastation of the hospital and his practice and he relocated to Queensland in July 2012. Since his arrival in Brisbane, he was VMO in Neurosurgery at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and Locum Coordinator of the Undergraduate Surgical Training at the University of Queensland before joining the BrizBrain & Spine group in February 2013.

Dr Bonkowski has practiced in London, across the UK, Auckland, Christchurch and Australia.

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Sit and suffer

I am very often asked by patients, both those who have undergone surgery and those for whom surgery for lumbar back ache is not available, what exercise regime they should follow. There is a generally held view that a structured exercise program must be good for maintaining spinal hygiene and there is no end of work hardening programmes, core strength exercise programmes and abdominal muscle strengthening regimes etc. etc. touted to restore the spine to pristine health, almost all of them lacking much hard evidence of real efficacy.

MBBS (Univ. Of Adelaide) 1971

FRCS (College of Surgeons of England) 1975 (in General Surgery)

FRACS (College of Surgeons of Aust) 1985 (in Neurosurgery)

Neurosurgical Society of Australia (NSA)

Neurological Association of New Zealand

AO Spine (AO)

North American Spine Society (NASS)