Senior students observing world renowned DBS team at work!

In September 2011, two senior students from St Joseph’s College were able to observe a Deep Brain Stimulation operation performed by Dr Terry Coyne and Dr Peter Silburn.

Dear Deep Brain Surgery Team,
Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to observe brain surgery on a patient. We were very interested in learning about how the operation worked and seeing the immediate results for the patient’s tremors when the deep brain target was stimulated to the correct extent. I feel very privileged that I had the opportunity not only to observe brain surgery, but also to ask any questions about the procedure. The procedure was not as gruesome as I imagined, although the part where the steel rod(?) that carried the battery leads was forced down the neck looked much more difficult and sickening than the EdHeads version. Thanks so much for allowing us to observe the surgery for our immersion as it was a very worthwhile experience.
St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace
Immersion at Hawthorne Clinic/St Andrew’s Hospital


It was very exciting and a great highlight and opportunity that very few of us get to see! The thing I find most surprising is that the patient is woken up half way through the operation. The operation is very unique in that the surgeons will ask the patient questions to make sure the implanted electrode is functioning properly. Surprisingly as well, the operation only lasted 2 hours, which I thought would last for 10 hours like other major operations. Finally, I also found it interesting that the people working on the operation are more relaxed than I thought, such as listening to 80’s music on their ipod during surgery.
Thankyou so much,
St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace
Immersion at UQ Applied Nonlinear Mechanics Group/St Andrew’s Hospital


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