Medical Student Testimonial

As a final year medical student of Bond University, I feel very fortunate having had the opportunity to do a 4wk selective clinical rotation with BrizBrain & Spine, based at Wesley Private Hospital, Brisbane.

The whole team at BBS were very welcoming and provided a stimulating experience in the neurosurgery setting. They coordinated my clinical contact time with my university and the Wesley Clinical School program of teaching and practical tutes, with their own dedicated Medical Education Coordinator.

I was able to spend theatre time with all the surgeons of BBS and get a rounded exposure to their scope of patients and procedures. These consisted of spinal cord fusion, laminectomy, discectomy, rhizolysis and brain procedures for shunts, tumour resection and deep brain stimulation.
Advanced technologies included stereotactic intraoperative image guidance for DBS in treatment of Parkinson Disease, VP shunt and tumour procedures. I also saw the groundbreaking procedure of using Gliolan, a fluorescent dye under blue light, which aids identification of glioma during a specialised operating microscope aided resection.

The BBS Neuro Oncology Nurse Practitioner, shared inspiring insights and experiences regarding this innovative new role collaborating and liaising within the team and external support pathways for patients coping with tumours, in order that BBS provide individualised coherent support and follow-up between home-based, community, outpatient and inpatient environments.

I was always the only medical student in theatre or on the ward with the surgical consultant ! I feel this provided a more intimate rapport-building and sensitive environment in which to interact with patients, who were always willing to spend time with me as a student to learn from them by interview and examination. In theatre, I had ample opportunity to scrub in and see what the surgeons were doing…and be constantly quizzed and guided as to key learning points pertinent to my level of training.

I consider myself fortunate to have had such an informative and stimulating clinical rotation.

Antony Adelman (Bond University)


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