Parkinsons Disease Seminar CAIRNS

Saturday the 6th of April, BrizBrain surgeon Dr. Terry Coyne will participate in a Seminar with some of the most respected and knowledgeable experts in the treatment of Australia’s Second most common neurological disorder – parkinson’s disease. Click here for more information Click here for the night’s program

Spinal Conditions CPD Event – 17 April 2013

BrizBrain & Spine’s CPD Calendar for 2013 is currently being updated.    Registration for the events are free.  To register, go to www.regonline/brizbrain   Wednesday 17 April 2013 – Serotina Restaurant, Wilston.  Earn 4 Category 2 points with RACGP. Roundtable on Spinal Conditions

Neurology treatment and research sets benchmark

Assoc Prof Terry Coyne and Prof Peter Silburn  and the APCN are leading the way in the treatment of neurological conditions in Australia and are contributing to significant international research! Read the article from St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital  Best Practice Newsletter March 2013.  

ABC Radio sits in on a Deep Brain Stimulation operation with Dr Terry Coyne

Check out the ABC blog post here:” target=”_blank”

Professor David Walker – Research into brain cancer identifies new target for treatment.

Dr David Walker has co-authored a research paper detailing the discovery of a protein, EphA3, that is found in about half of all glioblastoma multiforme tumours. It is believed the protein plays a role in maintaining cells which are in a tumourgenic state. They have found that binding the antibody, known as IIIA4 and discovered by Andrew Boyd from QIMR more than 20 years ago, to a radioactive isotope has shown great promise in animal trials. An antibody treatment is already being trialled in the US in leukaemia patients. The treatment is a few years away at this stage, as more trials need to be conducted in animals and thenRead more…

Medical Student Testimonial

As a first year medical student at University of Queensland, I was very fortunate of having had the opportunity to do a 4-week elective in a very well known private neurosurgery clinic, Briz Brain and Spine at the Wesley hospital in Brisbane. The education programs at BBS are very well designed. The Manager of Patient Services was so well organized that I was told a month in advance about the surgeries I will be watching during the 4 weeks I will be spending with them. The whole team at BBS was very welcoming and courteous. I spent most of time in the theatres watching the neurosurgeons performing surgeries ranging fromRead more…

DBS article published in American Journal of Psychiatry

Dr Terry Coyne’s collaborative research paper on Deep Brain Stimulation and the advantages of the surgery on patients with severe Tourette’s syndrome has been published in the prestigious American Journal of Psychiatry. In this open study, the authors evaluated the effectiveness of DBS of the anteromedial globus pallidus interna on tic severity and common comorbidities. Ten out of 11 patients with severe Tourette’s Syndrome have reported improvement after receiving deep brain stimulation surgery, according to University of New South Wales research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Read the article here   Elisabeth Cannon, M.B.B.S.; Peter Silburn, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.; Terrence Coyne, M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.S.; Karen O’Maley, R.N., M.N.; John D.Read more…

Medical Student Testimonial

As a final year medical student of Bond University, I feel very fortunate having had the opportunity to do a 4wk selective clinical rotation with BrizBrain & Spine, based at Wesley Private Hospital, Brisbane. The whole team at BBS were very welcoming and provided a stimulating experience in the neurosurgery setting. They coordinated my clinical contact time with my university and the Wesley Clinical School program of teaching and practical tutes, with their own dedicated Medical Education Coordinator. I was able to spend theatre time with all the surgeons of BBS and get a rounded exposure to their scope of patients and procedures. These consisted of spinal cord fusion, laminectomy,Read more…

Senior students observing world renowned DBS team at work!

In September 2011, two senior students from St Joseph’s College were able to observe a Deep Brain Stimulation operation performed by Dr Terry Coyne and Dr Peter Silburn. Dear Deep Brain Surgery Team, Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to observe brain surgery on a patient. We were very interested in learning about how the operation worked and seeing the immediate results for the patient’s tremors when the deep brain target was stimulated to the correct extent. I feel very privileged that I had the opportunity not only to observe brain surgery, but also to ask any questions about the procedure. The procedure was not as gruesome as I imagined,Read more…

Brain Tumour Research to be presented in Washington!

Research into brain tumours is of vital importance and Professor David Walker and the Newro Foundation are leading the way. Professor David Walker’s brain tumour research project ‘IT-12, Ex vivo functional analysis, expansion and adoptive transfer of cytomegalovirus-specific T-cells in patients with glioblastoma multiforme’ has been accepted for platform presentation during the 2012 Society for Neuro-Oncology meeting to be held in Washington DC, November 15-18, 2012. Congratulations to the team!


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