Cranial surgery now available on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast residents now have access to cranial neurosurgery, in a first that allows patients with cranial conditions be treated locally thanks to increased neurosurgical services delivered by Sunshine Cost Brain & Spine. Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital has recently obtained access to cranial navigation equipment and powerful microscopes, which allows conditions such as benign and malignant tumours, primary and metastic tumours, hydrocephalus and Chiari malformations be operated on. Patients with pituitary tumours can also be treated in collaboration with ENT surgeons on the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine neurosurgeon Dr Stephen Bryne says, “Patients have historically been referred to Brisbane for brain surgery or alternatively been referredRead more…

Vision, hormones and pituitary tumour

Can you imagine going to a doctor to obtain some advice regarding your sinusitis only to discover that you have a large brain tumour? This scenario actually happened for a 59 year old patient of mine who presented to her GP with symptoms of “sinus fullness”, lethargy and sleep apnoea. A CT scan of her sinus was requested which showed relatively normal looking structures. However, the diligent radiologist noted an unusual structure overlying her sphenoid sinus. He recommended a CT brain with contrast. It confirmed the presence of a large mass in the Sella Turcica (Turkish saddle) area where the pituitary gland lies. She was referred to me afterwards. MrsRead more…

Thoracic Disc Herniation

Most of the degenerative spinal pathology that we see as specialists as well as in primary care affects the lumbar or cervical spine. This is interesting as the thoracic spine contains a similar number of intervertebral discs and facet joints than the rest of the spine put together. However, the relative immobility of the thoracic region due to the rib cage limits motion-dependent degenerative processes such that most spinal surgeons would really only operate on thoracic disc herniations once or twice over a several year period. Recently I saw a 52 year old lady with a history of progressive gait disturbance, falls and chest wall pain. She had also recentlyRead more…

Sit and suffer

I am very often asked by patients, both those who have undergone surgery and those for whom surgery for lumbar back ache is not available, what exercise regime they should follow. There is a generally held view that a structured exercise program must be good for maintaining spinal hygiene and there is no end of work hardening programmes, core strength exercise programmes and abdominal muscle strengthening regimes etc. etc. touted to restore the spine to pristine health, almost all of them lacking much hard evidence of real efficacy. I tell them to walk. Preferably 30km a day. This is usually accompanied by stunned silence in response, followed by: “How canRead more…

Grand Opening

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine along with Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital are now officially open. With our first patients walking through our new clinic on 9 Monday December 2013, Dr Janusz Bonkowski and his practice manager Christine Smalley, are quickly settling into their new premises. The Sunshine Coast community have been very welcoming to Dr Bonkowski, who has moved from Christchurch, to become Sunshine Coast’s first resident neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon. Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital is a 200 bed facility that offers 6 state-of-the-art operating theatres, an 8 bed intensive care unit and comprehensive pathology and radiology services. Officially opened by the Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg, the hospitalRead more…

5 Reasons to Walk 5kms with us

  BrizBrain & Spine’s Neuro-Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Viven Biggs, is fundamental in coordinating the care of patients with brain tumors and sees firsthand the need for continued research to develop new treatments and improve existing care. The Newro Foundation Brain Tumor Awareness Walk and Run aims to raise awareness about brain tumors and increase research efforts in this area. We asked Viven what the Newro Foundation Brain Tumor Awareness Walk means to her, and she summarised the importance with 5 points: 1. It creates a visible awareness of just how many people can be affected by this cancer. 2. It provides an opportunity to create a sense of community andRead more…

Sunshine Coast CPD Event

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine will be presenting a GP Education Evening at Mooloolaba on Tuesday 17 September 2013.  “It’s good to be better, but it’s better to be good”. Earn 4 Category 2 points with RACGP. For more information and to register, please click here.  

Ipswich CPD Event

BrizBrain & Spine will be holding a free CPD Event for General Practitioners on 10th September 2013 in Ipswich for GPs in the region. It will be held at The Stumps Hotel, 215 Brisbane Street, Ipswich. Pr David Walker will be presenting on Controversies around fusion surgery and artificial cervical discs Indications and contraindications for cervical disc surgery and supported by the surgeons of BrizBrain and Spine in Roundtable discussion. Registration starts at 6.30pm.      

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine

Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine Sunshine Coast Brain and Spine is on track for opening in November 2013. Dr Janusz Bonkowski will be relocating to the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital into our new medical suites.  Dr Bonkowski is currently seeing patients at the Warana Medical Centre every Monday. Sunshine Coast Brain & Spine will be holding a CPD event for GPs in the region at 4th Level Restaurant Mooloolaba on 17th September 2013.

Legionnaires at Wesley Hospital

Important Information for our Patients In response to the reporting of Legionnaires Disease at the Wesley Hospital yesterday 5 June 2013, Brizbrain and Spine would like to advise patients who may be concerned about attending scheduled appointments at our Wesley Hospital suites that our practice does not share common water or air conditioning services with other buildings on campus.


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