Australian First Surgery

Dr Richard Kahler performed the first Australian spine surgery using the Nico Myriad in November.

This device is a tissue removal system that is specifically designed for open and keyhole surgical approaches in the brain and spine.  It gives surgeons the opportunity to reduce tissue removal procedure time with improved control and speed.

The Nico Myriad allows for precise tissue cuting and removal without the use of heat or ultrasonic energy, reducing the opportunity for collateral tissue damage.  It also allows for user controlled, real time variable aspiration for fine tissue removal control around and on critical structures, minimising potential traction on surrounding tissues.

Dr Kahler used this device to remove a spinal tumour causing pressure on the spinal cord and leading to quadraplegia.  The tumour was safely removed through narrow access channels and protected the spinal cord.

Dr Kahler remarked “It was geat to see my patient walk out of the hospital with no residual weakness.  This may not have been possible without the use of the nico myriad”.




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