Case Study

These images are of a recent case that was treated by Brizbrain and Spine.

The patient is a 35 year old man who has had headaches for 9 months, getting worse. Otherwise he was completely well, although in retrospect a slight personality change could be identified. A CT scan followed by an MRI scan (shown) revealed a massive right frontal tumour. There is significant mass effect from the tumour, with midline shift and subfalcine herniation.


The large size of the tumour, and the degree of shift indicate that it has likely been present for many more months than the patient has had symptoms. There is also a degree of enhancement  indicating that there is likely to be some anaplastic or malignant components to the tumour. 

The tumour was completely excised in a 4 hour operation and the patient woke with no deficits. Below are some of the CT scans on day 1 postop. 


The histology was of an Anaplastic Mixed Glioma.



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