Case Study – Spinal Meningioma

A 60-year-old truck driver presented with progressive paraparesis.  He described over two years of progressive symptoms with increasing numbness from the nipples down. 

He also described burning dysaesthesia and increasing difficulty walking.  He described more recent onset of bladder incontinence as well as constipation, and was unable to obtain or maintain an erection.

On examination he demonstrated increased tone with hyperreflexia and spasticity, as well as a sensory level from the nipple down.

An MRI scan of the spine demonstrated a high thoracic tumour consistent with a meningioma, causing significant compression of the spinal cord.

He proceeded to surgery where he underwent a thoracic laminectomy and removal of a tumour that was confirmed as meningioma.

He has made a progressive recovery with a gradual return of his previously lost neurological function.


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